Sponsorship Opportunities

Member Discount Program

The Member Discount Program provides an opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness and loyalty among the nearly 5,000 members of Seattle Yacht Club by offering members discounts and additional benefits for the use of their products and services. Once a discount is approved by the Sponsorship Committee, the business is featured in a Binnacle article addressing the business, its products and services, relevance to the members, and the type of discount being offered.

The details of the discounts are presented on the Member Discount Program page (a web page only visible to logged-in SYC members).

Binnacle Advertising

Binnacle is the exclusive SYC magazine with distribution to nearly 5,000 members. Binnacle readers are affluent, mobile and influential in their businesses, neighborhoods and communities. Each issue includes unique and compelling content that draws members to the magazine and, as a result, to the advertising. Advertising space is limited to a maximum of 18% of the total pages, resulting in greater success in capturing each reader’s attention.

For more information about placing advertising, view the 2024 Binnacle Media Kit and/or contact Josie Weiss.