J/22 Fleet


Members of Seattle Yacht Club have access to a fleet of six J/22 sailboats. These boats enable SYC members to learn to sail on a keelboat and, for those familiar with sailing, to hone their team and match racing skills in regular practices and regattas. The boats can be used by members for organized events, such as Duck Dodge, or for a casual afternoon sail on a beautiful day.
The J/22 is a 22-foot, one-design performance racer featuring a large spinnaker, non-overlapping jib, a mainsail and a large cockpit. It has an enclosed cabin that can safely house four people to escape rain or cold. It has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit, and is built for safety with buoyancy tanks and offshore hatches. 

One of the J/22’s greatest aspects is its durability. The hulls and decks are built with Baltek cored laminates and are designed to withstand many years of hard use. Boats as old as 15 years routinely win major J/22 championships. The newer J/22s are even better and easier to maintain, with their stainless handrails and white composite toe-rails. 

Introduced in 1983, the J/22 has grown into an International class with more than 1550 boats sailing in 65 fleets in over 18 countries. On the merits of its sailing characteristics, extreme popularity and small crew requirements (3-4 sailors), the J-22 continues to be the boat of choice among competitive sailors.