Reciprocal Guests

Seattle Yacht Club is pleased to welcome members of approved reciprocal clubs to visit and enjoy the facilities of the SYC Portage Bay Mainstation.

For information about visiting the Club, please review the following information:

SYC Approved Reciprocal Clubs
Guidelines For Use of SYC By Reciprocal Guests
Guest's Guide to SYC & Nearby Attractions

Reciprocal guest pre-registration form

The process for guests of reciprocal clubs entering Seattle Yacht Club is as follows:

  1. Pre-register online by completing and submitting the Reciprocal Pre-Registration Form.
  2. You will receive an email the following business day confirming your registration with important information.
  3. Upon arrival at Seattle Yacht Club, please proceed to the Front Desk located on the main level.
  4. At that time, you will be asked to present a current yacht club membership card or letter of introduction, a photo identification, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and vessel insurance documentation (moorage guests only).
  5. A Guest Courtesy Card will be issued to you, along with a guest moorage document (moorage guests only). Please treat the Guest Courtesy Card as you would a credit card.
  6. Instructions and questions regarding your visit will be answered at that time.

Enjoy your visit!

Portage Bay Marina Dock Map

Guidelines for use of SYC by reciprocal guests

Seattle Yacht Club is pleased to welcome members of approved reciprocal clubs to visit and enjoy the facilities of SYC's Portage Bay Mainstation.


SYC guest privileges include use of dining and bar facilities, retail store purchases and guest moorage. Privileges are limited to use of our Portage Bay Mainstation only; Outstations access is not available. Complimentary WiFi is available on the docks and in the Mainstation, showers are located on the docks and in the Mainstation, and ice is available to purchase.

Mainstation usage is limited to four (4) visits per calendar year; each visit is good for seven (7) days. The Club offers fine dining in the Ward Room on the second floor, where reservations are encouraged and accepted as available. The Marine Room, bar and deck located on the third floor, offers casual dining on a first-come, first-served basis. See 'Dining' (below) for more information.

Moorage on SYC's guest dock, Dock 2, is complimentary for the first two (2) days per calendar year plus 14 additional days at posted moorage rates.There is a small charge for power. Reservations on Dock 2 are not available. Alternately, guests may reserve moorage in vacant SYC member's permanent slips on a space available basis at posted moorage rates, but with no courtesy days. See 'Moorage' (below) for more information.

Mainstation Hours & Directions

Documentation required for admittance

Reciprocal guests must present either their current club membership card or a letter of introduction from their club.

Check-in procedures

Upon arrival, please check-in at the Front Desk located on the main level of the Clubhouse. If you arrive by boat after regular business hours, you may check-in the following morning. Your Visa or Mastercard will be added to your reciprocal account and a guest card issued. Please present your guest card when purchasing food, beverages, counter gifts, ice or addition moorage.

Payment terms

Purchases must be paid with Visa or Mastercard. A 3% convenience fee is added to credit card purchases. Cash and checks are not accepted.


Appropriate business or casual attire except in the Ward Room as defined under 'Dining' (see below).

Rules and regulations

Guests are required to comply with all Club rules and regulations, which include no use of cell phones inside the Mainstation, on the decks or the front porch area. Tipping is not allowed.


The Ward Room, SYC's fine dining room, is open for dinner on select evenings. Informal jacket and tie are traditional, but not required. The Marine Room, located on the third floor, is casual and serves lunch, hors d'oeuvres, dinner and a full service bar. Dining on the outside deck is available during the summer. A service charge is added to all food and beverage purchases, additional tipping is not allowed. Reservations are encouraged in the Ward Room; the Marine Room is first come, first served. Dining is on a space available basis.

Dining Room Hours

Guest moorage

Guest moorage, located on Dock 2, the Mainstation's only uncovered dock, is available on a first-come basis and reservations are not available. Total length of guest moorage is 220'. 160 feet of this space is located at the western end of Dock 2 for vessels 30'+ LOA and 60 feet of space is located near the gate on the south side of Dock 2 for vessels under 30' LOA. Rafting at the end of Dock 2 is permitted (up to "three deep"). Dock 2 moorage is complimentary for the first two (2) days per calendar year and available for 14 additional days at posted moorage rates. There is a small charge for power. Guests may leave their boats unattended with prior approval.

Alternately, guests may reserve moorage in vacant SYC member's permanent slips on a space available basis at posted moorage rates, but with no courtesy days. While using SYC member slips, guests may leave the slip and return during their reserved stay. Arrangements for reserved space must be made during normal business hours with the Moorage Administrator prior to arrival. Moorage fees are charged from the time of initial occupancy until departure. Guests may leave their boats unattended with prior approval.

Moorage facilities include power (110 VAC, 30/50 Amps), fresh water, restrooms with showers, ice, phones, garbage disposal and complimentary WiFi. Laundry and pump out station are not available. Proximity to fuel is about one mile.

Upon arrival, all guests must register at the Front Desk located on the second floor of the Mainstation. Guests arriving after hours may register the next morning. A copy of your registration form must be posted on your boat window closest to the dock. If you need assistance during regular business hours please call our Moorage Administrator at (206) 325-1000.

SYC is committed to preserving and enhancing the environment through proper management of all activities that occur at our facility. Marina staff are available to assist members and guests 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For assistance during business hours, call or visit the Front Desk. During non-business hours, ask for assistance in the Marine Room or in the administrative office on the lower floor. SYC has been named an "EnviroStar Business", earning the highest five-star rating for preventing pollution and reducing hazardous waste.

Moorage rules

All boats moored and vehicles or personal property stored at SYC are at owner's risk. SYC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property sustained by theft, accident, stress of water, fire, collision or careless boat handling or any other cause. All guest boats must be insured for hull, liability, and pollution coverage.

  • Loud music or other intrusive disturbances are not allowed at any time.
  • Skateboards, bicycles and mopeds are not to be ridden on the docks.
  • Running, water skiing, swimming, diving, open fires, fireworks, and all potential hazardous activities are prohibited in the Marina.
  • Barbecue devices shall not be used on SYC docks or moored vessels.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended and must be kept on leashes at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  • Moor as close to the boat in front as possible to maximize guest space, use spring lines to secure position.
  • Club burgees must be flown at all times.
  • SYC is a “NO DUMP ZONE”; vessel holding tank and/or appliances must be used at all times.
  • No maintenance or repair work is permitted in guest moorage areas except in the case of emergencies, which shall be reported to the Facilities Director or Moorage Administrator. Sanding, painting, varnishing and other maintenance activities are not allowed. 
  • Vessels must not be left unattended overnight, except with prior permission.
  • Refueling of vessels in any way is strictly prohibited.
  • No refuse of any kind including bilge oil or other flammable liquids shall be emptied overboard.  No person shall deposit, drop, throw or cause any bottles, papers, food, wood or any other waste or rubbish on the docks or around the marina.
  • Children under ten years of age are not permitted on docks without parent or responsible adult.  Life jackets are strongly recommended for all children.
  • Exercise good seamanship with regard to mooring position, mooring lines, power cords, fenders, etc.
  • Please point out to all of your crew and guests the ladders mounted on the end of the finger piers.