Officers, Committee Chairs, Documents 


The President and her Board for 2018-2019

We look forward to greeting you at the September Women's Group Luncheon on Wednesday, September 19.

Have a wonderful summer!

 Pam Lowry
  Joanne McConnell
Vice President 

 Kit Rasmussen
   Taunya Sell




Committee Chairs for 2017-2018

Click on their names to show their contact information from the Member Directory.

Committee    Chair Person
 Admiralette   Jennifer Christenson
 Women’s Group Binnacle Editor    Pam Murray
 Boating Skills Classes    Rebecca Garvie & Lori Petersen
 Book Group Mon. am    Patricia Wilson
 Book Group Tues. am    Mary Ellen Quigley
 Book Group Tues. pm    Ann Ferguson
 Book Group Wed. pm    Sandy Bell
 Decorations    DeAnne Brenneis & Carol Glockner
 Dinghy Outings - Day    Diane Lander
 Drama    Marlee McKibbin & Joanne McConnell
 Elaine Kidd    DeAnne Brenneis
 Evening Program 1 - Bunco    Kit Rasmussen & Francesca Shultz
 Evening Program 2    Suzanne Welton
 Evening Program 3    Cynthia Dee
 Golf    Beth Featherstone
 Girls Gone Wild (Victoria)    Gwen Ellison 
 Historian    Michele Shaw
 Luncheon Greeters    Lisa Grizzle
 Luncheon Leaflets    JoAnne Jones
 May Cruise    Beth Featherstone
 Menu    Jennifer Christenson
 New Members     Pam Lowry
 Nominating Committee    Jennifer Christenson
 Opening Day Boat    TBD
 Mary Ann Liebert
 Photo Box/Bulletin       Lori Petersen & Wendy Weimer
 Promotions     Karol Cahan
 Small Crafters    Sally Munn
 Alison Urback
 Sunshine    Marol Johnson

 WG Photographer    Tess Brown & Cynthia Dee
 WG Website    Nicole Wilkin
 Website Email Broadcasting    Nicole Wilkin
 WIC Representative
 Fran Farber
 WIC Alternate Representative    Cathy Imus

Click here to see the Committee Chairs listing as a pdf/Adobe file.

Operational Documents

The table below stores the operational documents of the Womens' Group in two formats: MS Word (the original, for editing), as well as PDF which is easier to view on tablets and smartphones. When downloading a MS Word document, you should first do a File Save instead of downloading and opening the document directly. 

Document Title Date Download
Seattle Yacht Club Women's Group Guidelines May 2013 Word   PDF
WG Operating Guide as a standing committee of SYC May 2013 Word   PDF
Job Descriptions of the Women Chairs and Committee May 2013 Word   PDF
Women's Group Nominating Form March 2016 PDF
2018 Women's Group Luncheons and Events Fall 2017 Word



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