Opening Day 2017: Emerald City Aahs!


Dock 0 Boat Registration Form

This form is not required if you are a member of a regular Opening Day participating Yacht Club which normally has space on Dock Zero. The SYC Dock Zero Dockmaster allocates space to the visiting Yacht Clubs who will develop their own boat registration and docking plan.

This form is only needed if you are not a member of one of the visiting Yacht Clubs with a Dock Zero space allocation and are a "Parade Participant" or "SYC Invited Guest". In this case your request will be processed and you will be contacted directly by the SYC Dockmaster.

Please note, completion of this form does not guarantee space on Dock 0. As in years past, priority will be given in the following order: (1) parade participants, (2) previous years participation, and (3) registration date (first-come, first-serve). All moorage requestors will be notified of their space assignment or deferral to the waiting list during the first week of April, 2017. As always, we will work to grant every requested, however space is limited.

Questions may be directed to 

Dock 0 will be open starting on April 30th and will close May 7th.

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