This section contains information of general interest to all cruising boaters, be them power, sail, row, or kayak, and which can be reviewed by the public boating community as well as SYC members.

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Blogs and Videos   

Follow the travels of SYC members as they cruise the world and document their travels with blogs and videos. SYC Members - you can submit your own for the viewing enjoyment of all viewers.

Boat Locator  

Several tools for searching vessels using their names (documented vessels), radio call signs, and AIS reported locations

Boating Information    
  Safety and Environment

Deals with safety and environmental issues and is managed by the Seamanship, Education, and Environment Committee

  Boating Links

Web links to boating web sites and web sites of interest to boaters

  Reference Information

Information on such items as VHF channels, Flag Etiquette, Seattle Bridge and Harbor Information, and some medical guidelines

Cruising Calendar  

Calendar of SYC cruising events. SYC members who are logged on can view the event flyer and see who is attending, as well as register for the cruise.

Cruising Events  

Describes the various annual cruising events provided by SYC to its members. While these events are generally closed to the public, summaries of the events are published to entice potential new members


Multiple pages describing each outstation and lists the general outstation rules as well as specific rules for each.


Grand Tour

Join the Grand Tour elite cruisers. Sign-up now.

  SYC Cruising Guides

Information and web links to cruising areas in our region.

  Outstation Access Codes

Gate codes for the outstations and contact information to the outstation managers.

  Outstation Check-in Form

Check-in to the outstations on-line and see who has been there recently.


Links to public webcams near the outstations, designed to give an idea of the weather and sea conditions near our outstations.

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