Seattle Yacht Club

47º 38' 42" North Latitude – 122º 18' 29" West Longitude


Founded in 1892, Seattle Yacht Club is one of our country’s most active and long-established yacht clubs. With facilities ranging from the historic mainstation on Portage Bay, to 10 Outstations located along the shores of Washington and British Columbia, the Club offers an outstanding group of properties for use by our members.

The history of the Club is tied in with the history of pleasure boating and yacht racing in the Pacific Northwest. Starting from early sites along Elliott Bay and West Seattle, the Club attracted a broad mix of racers and cruisers and grew rapidly as region developed in the early 1900’s. The current home on Portage Bay was built in 1920 and is today listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Activities at the Club have flourished along with the growing membership, and today, more than 50 committees sponsor events as diverse as aviation, dance, and book clubs, along with a broad range of boating interests. While opportunities abound, the true highlight of the Club is the strong community and lasting friendships developed among members. Few things surpass the chance to explore our world-renown cruising grounds among the company of good friends. 

The Club hosts a world-class junior sailing program, which has given a start to numerous Olympians and generations of Northwest sailors. Opening Day, the Club’s annual spring celebration, is the region’s premier on-the-water party. Seattle Yacht Club maintains reciprocity with more than 400 other boating groups around the world and enjoys membership in the Pacific International Yachting Association and the International Powerboat Association. SYC is recognized among the leading yacht clubs of the world, and members can take pride in both its prestige and its vibrant community.

1807 East Hamlin Street  •  Seattle, Washington  98112
206-325-1000  •

Seattle Yacht Club earns a five-star rating for environmental practices

The King County EnviroStars program awards SYC a five-star rating -- it's highest recognition for marinas that embrace sound environmental practices. We're proud to protect our natural resources as we enjoy the marine environment.