Seattle Yacht Club Rowing Committee
Windermere Cup/Opening Day Regatta  
Masters' Event Rules and Policies


Application and Selection Timeline:

  ·         Regatta invitations sent, application opens February 1, 2018
·         Application deadline is 12:00 noon, February 15, 2018
·         Clubs must apply for each desired event, including guaranteed entries, to indicate interest in
competing in the regatta
  ·         Clubs will be notified of selection on or before March 1, 2018
·         Regatta Central registration must be completed by 12:00 noon, March 15, 2015
  ·         Regatta is Saturday, May 5, 2018

Event Selection:
SYC Rowing Committee has established the following events to be raced on a recurring annual basis (total of 6 masters’ race starts on Saturday AM, four lanes each start):

·     30+M 8
·     30+W 8
·     45+M 8
·     45+W 8
·     55+/65+M 8*
·     55+/65+W 8*

*For the 55/65 events, there will be two separate events sharing same start, with two 55+ boats and two 65+ boats.

Club Selection:
Clubs entries for each event will be selected based upon the following policies:
·         Clubs will be selected to each event in three tiers: Guaranteed Entry, Priority Entry, and
Lottery Entry. The Guaranteed and Priority entry policy will apply beginning in 2019.
·         Guaranteed entries fill first slot per event.
·         Priority entries will fill the next two slots per event.
·         Lottery entries (pooled with unselected Priority entries) fill the final slot per event.
·         For twoentry events, Guaranteed entries fill the first slot and the Priority entries fill the second slot.
o   Guaranteed Entries Club that won the same event at Opening Day the prior year.
o   Priority Entries 1) Club applied for same event the prior year but not selected, and
2) Club boat(s) finished within 3% of fastest time of same event at the most recent
Head of the Lake regatta. Each club receives a ballot in a Priority pool for each of the above,
           including potential for multiple boats within top 3%, therefore a club may have multiple
allots in the Priority pool for selection to a specific event. The 3% factor shall be based
on raw time plus penalties but no age handicap. Since regatta age
brackets don't fully align, use HOTL results (US Rowing age brackets)
AA&A for 30+, B&C for 45+, D&E for 55+, and F+ for 65+.
o   Lottery Entries All other clubs applying for entry to the specific event.
·         Maximum Entries per Club For each event, only one boat per club. A club may not
have more than six masters’ entries total in the regatta for a given year.
·         Lane Assignment Lanes will be assigned by random draw.
·         No Composite Boats All rowers must be registered with US Rowing as a member of the
club named on the entry, live in the metropolitan area of that club, and row with that club
on a regular basis (at least one day per week). If mixed gender events
are scheduled, the boat may include two clubs (one club for each gender).
·         Clubs Within a Club Clubs within a shared boathouse apply and compete as separate clubs.
·         Club Eligibility Clubs must be registered as Organizational Members of US Rowing as of the
regatta date.
All clubs must have a physical presence (boathouse facilities and rower residency) within
British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
·         NoShow Penalty A club that applies and is selected to compete but fails to compete in
all selected events is barred from the regatta
the following year.
·         All boats and rowers must be Master category per Rule 4104.1(d) of the US Rowing Rules
of Rowing, subject to SYC Rowing
Committee's additional rules.
·         SYC Discretion As the masters’ regatta host, SYC Rowing Committee reserves the option
to amend or waive these policies in its sole discretion.




Why only 8s for the masters’ events?

With a limited number of starts, rower participation is maximized racing 8s rather than smaller boats.

Why are the events now fixed, rather than changing every year?
We wanted to eliminate uncertainty about which events will occur each year, and we wanted to introduce a guaranteed entry for the prior years’ event winner. Fixed events also eliminates the confusion introduced by the survey process used in the past and allows crew selection to occur earlier in the year.

Why is there a Priority Entry process?
The Priority Entry selection process improves the odds of participating each year based on the competitive results of the club, and also provides improved odds to clubs not selected the prior year. We chose the Head of the Lake Regatta results as the best indicator of each club’s competitive participation in a large regional regatta.

Why don’t you let in crews from outside of the Northwest?
As a celebration of Northwest masters’ rowing, the regatta is committed to the clubs and rowers based in our region. By special invitation from the SYC Rowing Committee, the regatta may periodically include crews based outside of the Northwest.

Who “owns” the club’s entries?
The club named on the entry owns each entry and is responsible for its members’ participation. Crew selection within each club is up to the internal processes of each club.

Why are there no mixed gender events?
The event selection was based upon participation in local area regattas to satisfy the highest demand within the masters’ rowing community. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of masters’ regatta starts, we are not able to accommodate mixed gender events.


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