Power/Sail Dinners


Most every 2nd Thursday of the year, Power and Sail Committees have joined up to host an-all-Club-dinner.  All members are welcome.  The speakers are selected on a variety of nautical topics: adventure, history, cruising, racing.  

Please come to learn, be entertained and inspired.  These events help foster friendships new and old. An additional bonus in the program is the showcase of highlights from many of the Club’s activity committees.

See the SYC calendar for links to each dinner and to register.  The next dinner will be on January 11, 2018.

Special note to New Members: Remember to use your ‘Passport’ of discounts given by the Membership Committee for a special price for your first time to a dinner in your first year.  Contact the Front Desk to redeem and register.

We hope to see you at the next dinner.

Fleet Captain - Power: Brent Reys                          Power Dinner Chair: Tess Brown
Fleet Captain - Sail:     Christina Marie Kimball       Sail Dinner Chair: Jordan Thayer