J/22 Fleet 

Members of the Seattle Yacht Club have access to a fleet of six J/22 sailboats. These boats, which arrived in 2014, have enabled local sailors to hone their team and match racing skills in regular practice and regattas. Now, to further promote the sport of sailing and racing, the Club is adding several new programs, including match racing events beginning this May.

Want to get involved?

The J/22 Committee is currently looking for Boat Captains for each of the boats, and also for members to help with planning regattas.  
Please contact Phil Calvert: phil.calvert@comcast.net , or Dave Ferguson: Dave@clanfergus.net to join the committee.

These boats are easily rigged, stored in the water and ready for your day-sailing adventures!

The J/22 is a 22-foot, one-design performance racer featuring a large spinnaker, non-overlapping jib, a mainsail and a large cockpit. It has an enclosed cabin that can safely house four people to escape rain or cold. It has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit, and is built for safety with buoyancy tanks and offshore hatches. 

One of the J/22’s greatest aspects is its durability. The hulls and decks are built with Baltek cored laminates and are designed to withstand many years of hard use. Boats as old as 15 years routinely win major J/22 championships. The newer J/22’s are even better and easier to maintain, with their stainless handrails and white composite toe-rails.

Introduced in 1983, the J/22 has grown into an International class with more than 1550 boats sailing in 65 fleets in over 18 countries. On the merits of its sailing characteristics, extreme popularity and small crew requirements (3-4 sailors), the J/22 continues to be the boat of choice among competitive sailors.

National Class Associationhttp://www.j22.com

Options and Cost:

Day Use:  $30 per use*

Ready to go Sailing?

Before you can reserve a sailboat, please make an appointment with
the Sailing Office to become an approved user and fill out a J/22 waiver. 

To Schedule an Approved-User Checkout, contact:
Sailing Director Brian Ledbetter:

Upon passing the skills check and test sail and filling out paperwork, you will be listed on the "Approved User" list at the Front Desk.

Reservations are first-come, first-served.The approved member MUST be present on the boat during use.
All guests must fill out appropriate waiver forms upon arrival.

*Approved Users MUST be Seattle Yacht Club Members and at least 18 years of age. 

Approved Users can reserve the J/22 boats online by using the J/22 Reservations page.