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Seattle Yacht Club (“SYC”) is a member only organization with limited public access to its official web and/or social media sites. This privacy policy governs (SYC) data collection and usage.    By using the SYC website, Facebook page and/or other forms of social media administered by SYC, you consent to this privacy policy.   SYC may provide links on SYC’s web and social media sites to promote sailing and other educational opportunities for members and the public.  SYC is not responsible for the privacy data and usage practices or other content on linked or other web or social media sites.


Collection of Information:


  We collect and maintain personal information such as name, boat name and contact information, to inform SYC members regarding club activities, events and programs sponsored by SYC or in conjunction with other clubs.  We also use such personal information to educate members regarding features and services of SYC.  Opt-out provisions for certain personal member information can be utilized by clicking on member profile on the SYC web-site or by contacting the Club webmaster.  Anonymous demographic information is collected from non-members of the general public accessing public pages of our web site.  Anonymous demographic information is collected by our Facebook administrator. We do not have access to or control over other information that may be collected independently on users by Facebook or by other social media sites.


We may collect usage information (frequency of access) and demographic information, for members and non-member public users accessing SYC’s web page or Facebook page.  SYC aggregates this data to evaluate site traffic patterns, server usage and to improve existing services and features.  For mobile devices, SYC does not actively collect precise real time location of mobile devices, but depending upon the type of mobile device and personal settings, user IP address - which is a number automatically assigned to your computer when you use the Internet - browser, domain names, geographic location may be transmitted.   We suggest you adjust the privacy settings on your mobile device if you do not wish this personal information to be transmitted. 


Use of Information:


          In the ordinary course of SYC activities, SYC collects information about members and non-member public users during voluntary inquiries, registration and participation in club-related boating activities on our website and Facebook pages and through the use of “cookies.”  Cookies are pieces of information that some websites transfer to the computer that is browsing that site that helps recognize repeat visitors and web browsers and search engines use cookies for record-keeping and to enhance web surfing. When users request pages from our server, or Facebook page, our web server automatically collects some information about the user, such as IP address. These addresses are used by computers on the network to send the requested pages to users.  We may collect personal information volunteered by our members, or visitors, via web or social media site or by hosting a SYC rally or event.


           SYC uses this information:

o    To support SYC activities, back-office accounting and operational services;

o    To defend or enforce SYC by-laws, rules, policy or third-party legal          requirements; and

o    To protect the safety and security of members, staff or property.


Unless required to become a member of SYC, for registration or participation in SYC events, or to obtain services from SYC, we suggest users exercise caution when volunteering personally identifiable or private information.   Be prudent when communicating sensitive information via SYC’s web, Facebook page, or other social media or public message boards.  Although SYC does not engage in this practice, personal information could be transferred to a third party without your knowledge. SYC is not in a position to monitor and/or oversee these communications or to protect volunteered information via links or at third party sites.



          SYC may take photographs of its members during public events and may solicit photographs from our members of their participation in various SYC member-only events.  On occasion, SYC may select quality photos for distribution via this website, social media, or other means. Photos taken in public settings during public events may include non-member guests. If you are included in a photograph and would prefer that it not be distributed, please contact our SYC administrator to identify the photo and where you saw it. We will do our best to remove it from circulation.


Parental Consent for Children under Thirteen (13):


SYC’s web and social media sites, such as Facebook, do not specifically target children.  SYC does foster sailing related education and junior sailing programs.  In that regard, SYC may collect personally identifiable information on children under the age of thirteen:


·         If, with parental consent, they currently are a SYC junior members; and/or

·         If, with parental consent, they wish to join as a SYC junior member.


Parental consent to the collection and use of children’s personal information is not consent to the disclosure of this personal information to third parties. If you are under the age of thirteen (13), you must ask your parent or guardian for permission to use SYC’s website, Facebook page or other SYC social media.  If you are a parent and you have questions regarding our data collection practices, please contact us using the information provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.



User Guidelines:


Use of the SYC name/trade-name(s) logos and other intellectual property of SYC, including but not limited to trade-secrets, is not permitted without specific prior written authorization.


SYC members volunteer on numerous SYC committees in furtherance of SYC’s mission.   Members acquiring, assessing and posting and/or sharing information are expected to act responsibly as to SYC, their fellow members and the public.



Policy Changes:

SYC may amend this privacy policy from time to time.  Please review it periodically. We maintain the option to modify this privacy policy at any time by electronic notice posted on our web or social media sites. You agree to any amendments by continued use of our web or social media sites on or after the date that such notices are posted.




Contact Information:



SYC Web and Social Media Administrator:


 Josie Weiss, Membership Director

 Ph:  (206) 926-1019


Updated Monday, June 11, 2018

Download a PDF version of this policy from HERE