Boat Checklists

Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents and PDF Lists

Attached you will find new spreadsheets, in Excel and PDF format, that might be helpful in getting your boat ready for cruising season. This is a new service feature for our members that we hope will be useful to you. 

The first is a checklist of all the important paperwork you need to have on board for Traveling into Canada, being inspected by the Coast Guard or involvement in an accident. It is offered in both PDF format which any computer user can print out, but not change. We also have added it as an Excel spreadsheet which requires you to have the Microsoft Office Suite of software, but is much more useful as you can customize it for your own use.

The second item is the annual Checklist, available again as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. This was created by the very thorough crew onboard Zorro, a large trawler, so it might contain some items you need not concern yourselves with, like wing engine checks! We suggest you use it as a starting point for your own checklist. Another handy tool is this Spring Maintenance To Do List, available as PDF or Word document, a 68 point checklist for your boat.

The SYC Portage Bay Marina Committee developed the attached Boat Fire Prevention and Safety Checklist for winter boat storage at the club and you will find the list handy for your own boat regardless of where it is kept.

The Coast Guard advises all boaters to file a Float Plan with friends before cruising so that the Coast Guard and other rescue organizations will have an idea where to start looking for you. Download your USCG Float Plan here.

According to MARPOL Annex V and 33 CFR Subparts 151.51 through 151.77 every vessel is required to have a Garbage Plan on board. Click on Garbage Plan Template to go to a link and complete yours. You must then keep it on your boat.

Want to get prepared for your annual Coast Guard Auxiliary Courtesy Safety Inspection? Here is the Vessel Safety Check (VSC) checklist they use so you can be sure you have your boat ready for a smooth approval process.

Developing Boat Check Lists for food, clothing, staples, misc. etc. are personal decisions, but here is the Everett USPS Check List  to give you some suggestions and get you started and a SYC member's own Grocery Shopping List.

It is our hope on the Powerboat Committee that these lists will prove useful to members and we welcome your feedback so we can expand upon them. We also are looking for other similar lists - grocery shopping lists, fall shutdown checklists, etc. - and hope you will be willing to share yours. Thanks and have a great cruising season!