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This page presents the cruising blogs and videos created by our cruising members and shared with you for your enjoyment. Follow the adventures below of these intrepid cruisers as they search out exciting places to visit. Share their highs and lows and travel vicariously from the comfort of your computer.

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Last updated Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Title  Author Type  Posted 
S/V Shatzi, cruising to Mexico, starting Oct 2017 Roger and Lynne Werner
blog Oct 2017
M/V Wavelet - Cruising to Alaska Glenn and Becky Latimer blog  Jan 2016
S/V Flyer - Cruising Mexico Peggy Jurcisin and Steve Leonard blog Dec 2015
Commodores Cruise - Star Raft-up Fred Pot (Ellen Pot Turner) You Tube Oct 2015
S/V Totem, Indian Ocean Cruise Jamie and Behan Gifford blog Oct 2015
S/V Yahtzee, cruising the Pacific Northwest Andrew and Jill Cross blog  Oct 2015
S/V Shatzi, cruised the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence seaway, the Maritimes, Nova Scotia, the East Coast and the Caribbean islands Roger and Lynne Werner blog June 2015
S/V Bella Vita, cruising in French Polynesia Stacy and Brett Hoopes blog Sept 2015
S/V Sophie, cruising in French Polynesia    Jenna Miller & James Utzschneider blog Oct 2015
S/V Bella Marina,Tahiti and beyond
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Octavia Petrovici & Petter Bergman Facebook Jan 2018
S/V Jarana, East Coast USA
Kathy and Bill Cuffell blog Sept 2015
M/V Starr, on the way to Hawaii Sherry and Don Stabbert blog Oct 2015
Archived Cruises and Videos      
"The Serious Charterer", notes on chartering and cruising Curtis Freet & Tiffany Ashton blog     
Appa, cruising to Mexico Marcus Reichert  blog 2104 
Arriba, cruising to Alaska Barbara and Dave Cox  blog 2013
Simbalaut, cruising to Alaska Beth Simon & Fred Nist blog 2011
S/V Kyrnos, cruising in French Polynesia Frederic and Janet Lafitte video 2013
S/V Gratitude, cruising in Mexico Susan and Charles Stillman blog 2013 
Peregrine-cat38 Steve Smolinske  blog 2014
SCOOTS, Hawaii to Seattle Scott Fuller blog 2009

Note: Blogs and videos which haven't been active for the past several months may be moved into the Archived Cruises and Videos section.

Updated: Wednesday, January 03, 2018