Ovens Island Outstation

48o 59.43' North Latitude - 123o 47.1' West Longitude

An outstation that has retained it natural setting and original charm is in Sibell Bay, Ladysmith Harbor in Canada's Gulf Islands. In 1965 it was discovered, acquired, and transferred to the Seattle Yacht Club by Past Commodore Wallace Ovens, in whose honor it is named.The most easterly of the Dunsmuir Islands, it is roughly 200 feet by 800 feet.

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In 1974 the Island was developed with a 150 foot float, paths and picnic tables. There is now a 450 foot float on the Sybill bay side of the island. There is no island fresh water or electricity, but there are clams and oysters.

A social hour on the floats before dinner is now a tradition. Walk the log.The swimming is great.

WiFi Service is not available on Ovens Island.

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