Gig Harbor Outstation

47o 20.1' North Latitude - 122o 34.5' West Longitude

8224 Goodman Dr. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332

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  Entrance to Gig Harbor Webcam

The Gig Harbor Outstation is located in a residential area of Gig Harbor. The facility has 480 lineal feet of dock, and will accommodate 8-10 boats at one time without rafting. Gig Harbor is a well protected moorage area and the surrounding bay is a popular anchorage. Fresh water, 30 and 50 ampere power and Wi-Fi internet access are available on all floats. There is a shoreside garden area allowing access to a fireplace with firewood, 2 charcoal BBQ grills and covered patio. The recently built shore facility includes 2 showers, each with a lavatory and one lavatory without shower. Garbage disposal is NOT available at the Gig Harbor Outstation. Access by road is not recommended, as there is minimal parking available.

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The nearby town of Gig Harbor (five minutes by dinghy) has pharmacies, banks, restaurants, a liquor store, chandleries and other facilities. Members may click HERE  for a brief history of the outstation as well as descriptions of local cultural events and suggested activities (log-in required).

A number of restrictions have been imposed on our use of the facilities, and an outside review procedure has been instituted. Please consult and adhere to the rules specified in the SYC Outstations Crusing Guide. Help us to be good neighbors in this lovely south sound community.

The links below provide a great amount of detail on local services and events. The nearest marine fuel is at either Breakwater Marina or Boathouse Marine, both at Point Defiance which is about 3 miles east.

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