Garden Bay

49o 37.8' North Latitude - 124o 01.2' West Longitude

13141 Claydon Lane, Garden Bay, BC V0N 1S1

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Garden Bay, Pender Harbor, B.C. is located on the "Sunshine Coast". We have a beautiful facility which will accommodate more than 30 boats at one time without rafting. A float plane dock will be in place for the months of May through September. Garden Bay is a well protected moorage area and the surrounding bay is a popular anchorage.

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Located next to Agamemmnon Channel, and thus to Princess Louisa Inlet via Jervis Inlet, it is also a stop for those bound for Desolation Sound, our Cortes Bay outstation, and other points north.

Fresh water, 30 and 50 ampere power, and cable TV are available on all floats. There is a shoreside garden area with umbrella tables, barbecue, and a large covered patio. The recently remodeled shore facility, where the sign-in register is located, includes a lounge, exchange library and dial-up internet connections. Showers, lavatory, laundry facilities, garbage disposal, and an ice cube machine are also available.

Easy access by road makes Garden Bay an ideal place to change crews or meet friends when cruising to Princess Louisa, Desolation Sound, and points north. Another interesting trip is to get temporary moorage in Egmont, hike up Skookumchuck Narrows to the Sechelt Rapids and watch them at maximum ebb. This show is guaranteed to be awe-inspiring.

The nearby town of Madeira Park (five minutes by dinghy) has a shopping center which includes a full-size grocery store with deli, pharmacy, credit union, restaurants, liquor store, marine hardware store, and other facilities. Taxi service is available and a golf course is nearby. An easy walk around Garden Bay from the outstation will bring you to a nearby restaurant, the Village Pub, the Garden Bay Post Office and the John Henry store.

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