48o 51.30' North Latitude - 122o 31.2' West Longitude

Ganges Marina office: 250-537-5242

Salt Spring Marina office: 250-537-5810 or 1-800-334-6629

(updated: Friday, May 18, 2018)

Ganges is the commercial center of the British Columbia Gulf Islands. The two SYC Outstations (Ganges Marina & Salt Spring Marina) are located at the southerly & northerly head of Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island.  

Your SYC Board approved a two-year trial lease at the Ganges Marina. The Ganges Marina is located on the in town or left side of the harbor as you enter.  SYC has 400 feet of sign-designated space immediately behind the floating breakwater for the entire year. This space is in addition to the reduced 660’ space at Salt Spring Marina, during this trial lease period. The Salt Spring Marina space is available May 25 to September 24.

The SYC Ganges Committee will be soliciting your thoughts during this two-year trial to allow the SYC Board the ability to make a decision on which facility the membership prefers after the trial period.  

Image is for reference only -- not for navigation.

Salt Spring Marina lies just to the North of Ganges Marina. You can see an overview of the harbor area in the following picture, which shows Ganges Marina at the top, and Salt Spring Marina at the bottom.  Note the white bar that marks the location of the Salt Spring Outstation dock within the Salt Spring Marina.  Note also that this is an old photo, and our dock has been rebuilt as seen further down the page.

CAUTION:  When approaching both marinas, refer to your charts and depth sounder.  Watch out for Money Maker Rocks between Salt Spring Marina and Ganges Marina, and watch your depth off the end of Salt Spring's B/C dock.  The photo below shows the old dock layout, but locates the SYC dock within the white line.

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Both Marinas provide a wide range of services, including fresh water, garbage service, laundry, showers, and marginal wireless internet on the docks. Power at Salt Spring is limited to 30-amp service, but Ganges Marina includes 50-amp plugs for larger boats. 

The village of Ganges continues to offer some of the best shopping in the Gulf Islands, with Ganges Marina being a shorter and easier trip to the store.  You can now stock up on fresh food at the Saturday market or the well-stocked Thrifty grocery, visit the BC liquor store, or enjoy a meal at one of the many fine restaurants. 


Online Maps

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Ganges Satellite & Street Maps

Rules for Outstations

The following rules have been developed in an effort to ensure maximum enjoyment of the outstations by all members.