Eagle Harbor Outstation

47o 37.4' North Latitude - 122o 31.2' West Longitude

Winslow Wharf Marina, 141 Parfitt Way SW, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

WiFi System Provided by Winslow Wharf

The WiFi service at Eagle Harbor Outstation is provided by the Winslow Wharf Marina and is shared with other yacht clubs. For sign-on details contact the marina office or go to Members/Wi-Fi Information and pull down "WiFi Access at Eagle Harbor"  (for signed-in members only). 

The Eagle Harbor outstation is located near the City of Bainbridge Island [formerly Winslow] on the north side of the harbor at the Winslow Wharf Marina. Our club owns 299’ of moorage comprised of the entire end-tie [92’] of A Dock and the first four inboard slips on the east side of A Dock; A-43 [50’], A45 [50’], A-47 [53’], and A-49 [54’]. Four feet of overhang is allowed. Signs on the dock clearly mark our slips. Be sure to use only the SYC marked slips. With our limited moorage space, rafting is mandatory. Our area has seven 50A/208V and eleven 30a/110v shore power outlets and fresh water. A portable pump-out cart is located at the head of the dock and can be rolled to our slips.

Near the head of the dock there are three restaurants, as well as a marine chandlery and coffee house. Up the street a couple of blocks are several restaurants, shops, a supermarket and a park for the kids. Two blocks further up is a movie theater and more restaurants.

The sign-in register is located inside the dock box in our area, so please be sure to sign in even if you are there for just the day. The marina gate is locked 24 hours a day and you will need the combination for the gate in order to get back in. Call the SYC front desk for that combination. The access code can be found on Cruising/Outstations/Outstation Access Codes or call the SYC front desk for the lock combination and for the marina gate combination. The marina gate is locked 24 hours a day. You can exit with no gate card, but to enter you must use the updated lock combination number on the keypad.

Last updated 3/4/2018

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Rules for Outstations

The following rules have been developed in an effort to ensure maximum enjoyment of the outstations by all members.