Cortes Bay Outstation

50o 04.0' North Latitude - 124o 56.0' West Longitude

1420 Red Granite Road, Cortes Island, BC V0P 1Q0

Outstation Managers

Last updated on Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Cortes Bay outstation is located on Cortes Island, British Columbia, in the area of Desolation Sound.  The outstation has approximately 1000 feet of docking space serviced with potable water and 30 ampere power. Shore facilities include decks, ice machine and storage, the Crows Nest Kitchen, the Cortes Room, heads, showers, laundry and three fully equipped cabins.

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Boats enter Cortes Bay through a short channel, passing south of the marker beacon which marks a drying reef.

The bay is well-protected and provides a fine refuge if the weather kicks-up on the Straits. A hiking trail leads from the outstation to the top of the bluff.

The decks at Cortes are outstanding -- the perfect place for a summer greenbox.

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