With more than 60 committees, Seattle Yacht Club offers a wide range of activities, both on and off the water.

The SYC Calendar provides a complete view of all of the events and meetings taking place at the club. You can use the Calendar to check on a meeting time, browse the monthly activities at the club, or make a reservation online for an upcoming event.

Committees such as the Active Intermediates and Women’s group sponsor a wide-ranging plan of activities throughout the year, including luncheons, book clubs, and excursions, as well as the popular Comedy Night and Scotch and Cigar event. Other groups, such as Marine Communications, provide special-interest forums for those members interested in particular activities.

We invite you to browse the listings and learn how much is truly going on at the club. If you would like to include information from your committee on the web, please contact the SYC Webmaster.