Opening Day 2016

"A Great Escape"

The moment you step on your boat.....MAGIC....
The rush of the sea air, birds in flight,
adventure beyond, leaving the landlubbers behind

2016 Opening Day Trio (Left to Right): Admiral Tom Wingard,
Admiralette Joanne McConnell, Vice Admiral Bruce Campbell

Past Parade Winners

Anchoring Along Parade Route

520 Bridge Information

Opening Day Parking

Alternate Opening Day Parking

Free Pump Out Service

Windermere Race Information


Parade and Dock 0 Registrations Open January 1, 2016
Parade Registration - Single Boat - Closes April 28, 2016

Parade Registration - Fleet - Closes April 28, 2016
Dock 0 Registration - Closes April 15, 2016 

Parade Entry and Dock Zero Registrations must be done separately

Seattle Yacht Club Guest/Visitor Pre-Registration 
(Save time on check-in)

Log Boom Moorage Information

Canadian Women's Luncheon - Thursday, May 5

Mark Mayer Regatta - Sunday, May 8

Opening Day Committee Information

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Opening Day 2016

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