2015 Regatta Information   

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2015 Sailboat Race Book (coming soon)



High School Opener Regatta -
(Sailed from SYC on Portage Bay)

Sponsored by NW Yacht Brokers Association  NYBA

March 7

Tri-Island Series

  Smith Island Race
  Vashon Island Race
  Blake Island Race    

April 25
May 9
May 30

Mark Mayer Opening Day Race and Party

Free!Join the day-after-Opening-Day fun!            


May 3


Leukemia Cup


June 6 

Sailboat Rendezvous and Cruise & Snooze A/B (*SYC members)            

June 20-21   

Commodores Cruise 2015 (*SYC members)

Sunshine Coast Cruise 2015 (*SYC members)


July 26-31

Aug 1-7

McCurdy Trophy Regatta
sailed from Sail Sand Point
 (Northwest Jr. Team Race Championship - V-15s and FJ's)


August 15-16  

Northwest Junior Olympics Regatta

August 22 - 23


Star North American Championships

September 1-6  

Cruise & Snooze C/D (*SYC Members)


Sept. 12-13


39th Annual Grand Prix Regatta




October 23-25