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2016 Summer Sailing School Brochure and Registration form

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2016 Registration Dates

         March 21 - 22: Registration begins for Seattle Yacht Club Members

         March 23: Registration opens to Non-Members

The Seattle Yacht Club has a long-standing tradition of providing an outstanding Junior Sailing School program for children in the Seattle area. We offer classes for children from 7-18 years of age with a wide variety of class options. Over 600 young sailors participate in a total of 39 classes over an eleven-week period each summer. The hand-selected instructional staff is trained through US SAILING, and CPR and First Aid certified.

The 2016 program will run from June 20th through September 2nd.
Classes run from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Students can sign up for a week at a time.

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Click HERE for a list of what to bring and where to go.
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Please contact the Sailing Office with all other questions.

Class Descriptions

All classes are open to Non-Members

Lil' Luffers

Ages: 7 - 9  Boats: Vanguard 15 (V-15) and 420

Lil' Luffers is the perfect choice for our youngest sailors. Students sail in Vanguard 15 or 420 sailboats with one or two peers and an instructor. The low student-to-instructor ratio places an emphasis on safety and learning! This course is designed to be a fun and unintimidating introduction to sailing and water safety.

Prerequisite: Must be 7 years old and able to pass a basic swimming test.

Overboard Optis

Ages: 8 - 12 Boats: Optimist

The Opti sailor will learn a wide variety of skills, from sailing fundamentals to beginning racing. At the beginning of the session, the class may be broken up into groups based on skill level.  In some segments of the class, all skill levels will sail together so they can have fun and learn from their own peer group.

Junior Jibers

Ages: 10 - 13 Boats: Vanguard 15 (V-15), Laser, and 420

The Junior Jibers classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Students will have the opportunity to sail with a friend in a two-person Vanguard 15 (V-15) or 420, or sail individually in a Laser. A wide variety of skills will be covered, from sailing fundamentals to beginning racing.
Weight Recommendation: Minimum 100 lbs.

High School

Ages: 14 - 18 Boats: Vanguard 15 (V-15), Laser, and 420

The High School classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Students will have the opportunity to sail with a friend in a two-person Vanguard 15 (V-15) or 420, or sail individually in a Laser. A wide variety of skills will be covered, from sailing fundamentals to beginning racing.

Learn-to-Race Camp

Optimist: Ages 9 - 13      *Vanguard 15: Ages 10 - 18      *Lasers: Ages 13 - 18     *420: Ages 13 - 18

This one-week session will run from July 13 - 17. This class is intended to be an unintimidating introduction to racing sailboats. Students will learn boat-handling techniques, starting, rules, tactics, and more, with a fun regatta on the last day of class.

Prerequisite: Students must have had at least one class of Sailing School at SYC (not including Lil' Luffers), and/or be comfortable performing basic sailing maneuvers, i.e. steering, tacking/gybing, and docking. 
*Weight Recommendation: Minimum 100 lbs.

Summer Sailing School Refund & Cancellation Policy

To maintain a quality program, there will be a $50 charge for class changes once registration has been processed. There will be a $100 cancellation charge for any cancellations up until one week prior to the class date; after that time there will be no refunds.

Opti Green Fleet Program

Open to Non-Members

Interested in taking the first step to becoming a racer? The Opti Green Fleet is the best place to start for kids ages 8-13. Using the club boats, learn the basics of racing, advanced rigging, and boat-handling.

Click here for more information. 

Adult Sailing Courses

Open to Non-Members

2016 Adult Sailing Course Brochure


Seattle Yacht Club’s adult sailing sessions offer an excellent way to get out on the water and learn the basics of small boat sailing. Using the club’s Vanguard-15’s, 420’s, and Lasers, the classes start with the basics including rigging, points of sail, sail trim, boat-handling, and boating safety. Students develop their skills through on-the-water sessions, “chalk talk” discussions, and work in textbooks. Classes are open to all levels, and advanced sessions may be offered for more experienced sailors ready to learn racing tactics.

Click HERE for a list of what to bring and where to go.

Private Sailing Lessons

Open to Non-Members

Enjoy the individual attention and customized instruction of private lessons at Seattle Yacht Club. Whether you’re looking to learn from scratch, refresh your basic sailing skills, or learn more advanced techniques, private lessons provide the opportunity to learn what you want when you want. Please note: All private lessons at Seattle Yacht Club take place on small one- or two-person sailboats.

Private Sailing Lessons Brochure

The Fleet at SYC

                          Optimist                                                                         Vanguard 15


                                 Laser                                                                             420

The Optimist (Opti) is an eight foot, kid-sized single-handed dinghy that is easy to manage and fun to sail.

The Vanguard-15 (V-15) is the primary training boat at SYC. This stable, double-handed boat with a main and jib is the national standard for novice and advanced sailors to master the basics and to develop teamwork.

The Olympic-Class Laser is a high performance single-handed dinghy for intermediate and advanced sailors. It is a great platform to build boat-handling and racing skills. This boat has two different size sails, allowing us to tailor the boat to the weight of the sailor.

The 420 is an ideal entry-level training boat for all ages. This is a double-handed boat with main and jib. Advanced sailors can rig the spinnaker and trapeze for an exhilarating thrill.

Contact Information:

Sailing Office phone: (206) 926-1011       
Fax: (206) 324-8784          
Address: 1807 E. Hamlin St.
                 Seattle, WA 98112

Brian Ledbetter, Sailing Director:

Angela Frost, Sailing Programs Coordinator:

Cameron Hoard, Race Team Coach:

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