Joining SYC

Seattle Yacht Club welcomes applications for membership from Northwest boaters who would like to join our active community. Seattle Yacht Club is incorporated for the purpose of encouraging yachting and boating of all kinds, along with the development of recreational marine advantages of the Pacific Northwest.  

Several levels of membership are available based on the age and marital status of the candidate. Candidates may apply for an individual membership or a joint membership. Joint membership candidates must be legally married.  The initiation fee and monthly dues are determined by the age of the older spouse.  If a member of a married couple decides to apply for an individual membership, the spouse may accompany the member as a guest. Guests are permitted to enjoy all the facilities of the Club so long as they are accompanied at all times by their member host and properly registered in the guest book. Members of the Club are entitled to use our Outstations, participate in a wide range of regattas and cruises, and enjoy activities and dining events at the Club. 

The application process begins when a voting member of SYC checks out an application packet and becomes the applicant’s sponsor.  Each application needs one primary sponsor and three other voting members to serve as recommenders / provide references.

Interested in learning more?  Please submit the online Prospective Member Interest Form and we’ll help you navigate through the process. 

Membership Brochure & Benefits of Membership Video

For an overview of the Club and its members, download the Seattle Yacht Club Membership Brochure. Enjoy a five minute video of the Benefits of Membership featuring the Club, our Outstations, activities, and some of the people who make the Club special.

More Information and Details

Below you will find a list of Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with related answers.  


Contact our Membership Director.

Last update on Tuesday, May 23, 2017