SYC Opti Green Fleet Program

SYC Milfoil Dodger #2: July 16 , 2016

Milfoil Dodger Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
Milfoil Dodger Registration Form

SYC SUMMER Green Fleet Flyer (PDF)

What is Opti Green Fleet?
The Opti Green Fleet at Seattle Yacht Club is an introductory racing program. Sailors will learn the basics of racing sailboats, advanced rigging, and boat handling techniques. Practices are held Thursday evenings from 5:00 - 7:30 pm at Seattle Yacht Club.

Green Fleet is a special fleet for beginners. The purpose of the Green Fleet is to encourage novice sailors. “Participation Awards” are awarded to all skippers sailing in Green Fleet events. By not crowning a champion, sailors and their parents are encouraged to move to the appropriate age fleet as they become more confident in their abilities.

What is the cost and what is included in the SYC Opti Green Fleet Program?
Cost is $275 for Seattle Yacht Club Members, and $325 for guests. The program includes coaching and boat charters for 9 practices, 5 Milfoil Dodgers, and 3 local regattas.

What are Milfoil Dodgers?
Milfoil Dodgers are a series of fun, half-day, novice regattas at central locations in Seattle. Beginning in July, five Milfoil Dodgers take place throughout the Seattle area to introduce novice racers to racing and the format of regattas. Each event is casual, fun-filled, and coaching is encouraged. All Milfoil Dodgers events are free for participants, and they include participation awards and lunch. The name “Milfoil Dodger” comes from sailors avoiding the widespread milfoil (an invasive aquatic plant) in Seattle’s lakes. Please see the flyer below for the dates and locations. Specific information about each Milfoil Dodger event will be sent to Green Fleet participants prior to each event. 

What are the Local Regattas?
The three local regattas are held at the end of summer. A separate Opti Green Fleet course will be available at each event. Sailors may also be ready to participate in the "regular" Opti fleet races. These regattas each have a nominal regatta fee, which generally includes 2- 3 meals, participation awards, and a T-Shirt. Please see the flyer below for the dates and locations. Specific information about each regatta will be sent to Green Fleet participants prior to each regatta.

What is the prerequisite?
Students should have experience sailing the Opti, and be comfortable demonstrating basic sailing maneuvers, such as steering, tacking/gybing, and leaving from/returning to the dock. Those who are lacking sailing experience should take the Overboard Opti class in our Summer Sailing School Program.

Anything Else?
We also encourage participants to sign up for the SYC Summer Sailing School Learn-to-Race Camp. This is a one-week immersion in sailing and introductory racing. It is a great supplement to the Opti Green Fleet program. Click HERE for more info on the Learn-to-Race Camp and other Summer Sailing School programs. 



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