Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Mainstation Marine Room
           Check-In at the Commodore's Room 

Cost: Free for New Members

Join the New Member Activities Committee and other Seattle Yacht Club members for a New Member Ropeyarn Thursday evening April 9th. Ropeyarn is a weekly Club gathering in the Marine Room. Appetizers and drink specials are offered. New Members will receive a free beverage of choice at this Ropeyarn. Sponsors are encouraged to attend. Come learn more about your club and make new friends! No sign up required!


MAY 14th
Place: Port Madison Outstation
Cost: Free

The MMA Committee invites you to join us at Port Madison for a fun weekend!  We will show you around the outstation and have information for you about the other outstations and the Grand Tour.  Dinner is Pot-Luck, there will be a Green Box before dinner weather permitting.  (Green Box is a fun social gathering, bring an appetizer and your own drink, at the green box on the dock.)  Green Box at 4:00 and Dinner at 6:00.   Come by boat for the night or drive over for the evening! Hope you can come!  Registration opens March 1st.  All member event!


Click HERE to register online




Time:  2:00 pm
Place: Elliott Bay Outstation
Cost: Free to New Members, $20 for NON New Members

All New SYC members are encouraged to attend the New Member BBQ, held at our beautiful Elliott Bay Outstation!  Come learn more about the 10 Outstations available to Seattle Yacht Club members by talking to experienced cruisers and through a slide show presentation. Learn about "Green Box" and other fun cruising traditions. Part of the fun at this event will be participation in a “Green Box” by bringing an appetizer to share! The BBQ is free to all new members, including drinks of your choice. Meet new friends who you will see again soon at the outstations! Dress is casual, but you must register online or by calling the front desk.

Note: This event is limited to SYC NEW Members. Existing members by invitation only due to limited space.  Registration opens March 1st.



 Click HERE to register online  



Mainstation: Heritage Room & Fireside Lounge
Wednesday, October 19th  at 6:00 p.m.

Please join the Commodores, The Trio, Leaders of Powerboat and Sailboat Committees, and the New Member Activities Committee for Seattle Yacht Club's 2016 Fireside Chat. This event is a lovely evening to celebrate your membership. 

The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Heritage Room with a social gathering, followed by an informative presentation about the organization of your Club. After the presentation, New Members will dine in the Fireside Lounge. Dinner will be hosted for New Members. Sponsors are encouraged to attend.

Note: This event is limited to SYC Members.

Call the front desk or click here to register for this event