Log Boom Information

Please refer to Map for the parade route, log boom location and other information. The log boom is on the Northern boundary of the parade route. Note that additional moorage is available on the South side of the parade route near Foster Island.

The log boom is provided by the Seattle Yacht Club and the University of Washington. You use it at your own risk. Neither the Seattle Yacht Club nor the University of Washington are responsible for any injury or damage claims. Please use good judgement and good nautical practices when maneuvering and mooring. Pay attention to weather conditions, and help your fellow boaters.

This is a volunteer effort. If all goes well, the log boom will be installed the Thursday before Opening Day, and removed the Monday following.

For more information, please see the 2016 Log Boom Moorage page on the University of Washington Athletic Website and complete the Windermere Cup Moorage Donation Form.

Guidelines for Using the Log Boom Moorage

  1. If you choose, you can show support by making a donation when asked.
  2. Please cheerfully follow the directions given by SYC Marshal Boats.
  3. Please respect the clearly marked area on the West (shore) end of the log boom reserved for University of Washington VIPs.
  4. On Opening Day, no watercraft may cross or be on the parade route while it is closed. The parade route closes at 0940 and does not reopen until the SYC Marshall Boats announce the parade route has reopended, which will be sometime after 1430, depending on the length of the parade.
  5. Moorage is "first come, first served". You may save a spot for your buddy who is a few minutes behind you, but DO NOT try to reserve multiple spots with line, tape or other devices. Please welcome your neighbors. You will meet some great boaters.

Come on down and have a great time!

Page last updated 4/6/2016 by R. Souslin