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Dock 0 Docking Plan

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Dock 0 Rules & Regulations

  1. All yacht clubs must provide a dockmaster - Please Email name and cell number to
  2. The rights and privacy of others must be respected.
  3. All boats must check in upon arrival, no earlier than Sunday, May 1, 2016. We need a contact name and phone number as well as the number of people on board.
  4. All skippers must fill out the fire plan. A copy will be kept at the front desk and a second copy should be kept on the boat. It is encouraged that all on board are made familiar with the fire plan. Part of the fire plan is that skippers will have fire extinguishers on their boat and will spend the nights on their boats while on Dock 0. It may be possible to have a skipper who is rafted to you monitor your boat if that plan is arranged with and approved by the Dock 0 moorage director. No open flames are permitted on Dock 0! This includes barbecues, tiki torches, blow torches, flame throwers, etc.
  5. As a courtesy to other boaters, generators and diesel furnaces shall not be operated before 0700 or after 2200 hours.
  6. Skippers of each boat with pets aboard will be held responsible for the actions of their pets at all times aboard and ashore. Dogs MUST be kept on a leash at all times while off the boat. This includes floats, docks, lawns, etc. No pets are allowed in the clubhouse, rest rooms or showers at any time. Skippers will clean up after their pets.
  7. Use of conventional marine toilets with overboard discharge of untreated waste is prohibited.
  8. Boats moored on Dock Zero cannot leave cars parked in SYC parking lots.
  9. All boats must be off Dock 0 no later than 1800 Sunday, May 8, 2016.
  10. Communications on VHF 68.

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Dock 0 Rafting Rules

Dock 0 Rafting Rules for 2016

For 2016, the Dock 0 rafting rules have been amended, based upon Seattle Fire Department guidance.

  • Boats with an overall length greater than 60' are not allowed on Dock 0.        
  • Boats less than 40 feet may raft up to 4 boats.
  • Boats over 40 feet must stern tie.
  • Boats over 45 feet must put down a bow anchor.

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Dock 0 Fire Plan

Statement of Purpose

This Fire Plan is a supplement to the SYC Portage Bay Dock Fire Plan. Dock 0 represents a new set of circumstances that require site specific responses.


  • 2A20BC extinguishers to be distributed the length of Dock 0. Rented from Western Fire and Safety, 12 units for 880’ of dock, approximately 75’ spacing, mounted on poles.
  • Portable water pump (gas powered) located at the head of the dock.
  • Steel cable, fire ax and assorted firefighting equipment located in fire box at head of Dock 1.
  • Dedicated response boat secured to the end of Dock 0, keys in the control of the watch officers. Boat is equipped with towing bollard and wire cable.

Watch System

We will establish a watch system to supplement the facilities staff of Seattle Yacht Club. Currently the facilities staff makes an hourly survey of all docks. This will continue and we will add two people on a 2-hour rotation from 2200 hours to 0600 hours starting the evening Wednesday, May 4 through the morning of Sunday, May 8.

There will be a designated watch captain for each night that will have responsibility for that evening’s rotation. There will be a log kept to indicate who was on watch. The log will be in the form of a check in sheet that will have space to indicate the watch stander’s name, club affiliation, boat name and contact information as well as time on duty. The log will be kept at the front desk of the Seattle Yacht Club.

Watch officers will be equipped with a radio tuned to the frequency that is monitored by the front desk and facilities staff. They will also have cell phones for contacting the 9-1-1 operator in the event that it becomes necessary.

If, at the end of any watch, the next person, or persons, scheduled for watch duty do not show up, the watch standers will report to the watch captain for that evening. He will decide if they should continue, if they are alert, or if he will take the next watch. If neither of those options is possible, the watch captain will notify Bob Morgan via cellular phone at (206) 931-8788 who will have final responsibility for staffing the next watch.


In the event of an emergency, the occupants of any boat who observe a fire shall call 9-1-1 and tell the operator that there is a boat fire, or describe other emergencies, at Seattle Yacht Club, 1807 East Hamlin Street. The next point of contact should be the watch officers on duty at the time. This should be accomplished by sounding five short blasts of the boat’s horn to attract the attention of the on duty watch. The on duty watch officers will then:

  1. Contact the on duty facilities staff to make sure that there is an area cleared for the responding vehicles. The on duty Maintenance Duty Person is in initial charge of emergency response at Seattle Yacht Club.
  2. On VHF Channel 16 notify the Harbor Patrol of the emergency.
  3. In the event of fire aboard a boat begin waking the crew of neighboring boats in order that they may be moved away from the fire. In the event that a boat cannot be moved (for example a boat rafted inside of a burning boat) make sure that all such boats are evacuated.
  4. Station one of the watch officers at the head of Dock 0 to assist responders. This will insure that responders will reach any boat with a non evident (medical) emergency as soon as possible.
  5. In the event that the watch officers discover the emergency (fire, someone in the water, etc.) their first response should be a call to 9-1-1. Then they can proceed to the steps outlined above.

Evacuation and Access

A Fire Department access lane shall be maintained through the parking lot to Dock 0 at all times. No parking will be allowed in this lane at any time.

In addition, at the West end of Dock 0, a dedicated public safety area will be maintained as a dedicated landing area for public safety vessels. No moorage will be allowed in this area at any time.

In the event of a boat fire, that boat is not to be set free. If it appears that the initial fire cannot be controlled, the best option may be to take it under tow using the dedicated Fire Response boat that is equipped with towing bollard and steel cable. Under no circumstance is the boat to be cast adrift. Boats in the vicinity of the burning boat are to move away from the dock and the burning boat so that the fire does not spread.

In the event of a medical emergency, guests shall stay on their boats and keep the dock clear for medical units that may be responding to the emergency.

In the event of a fire, only those people necessary for moving boats away from the dock shall remain on board. All other guests are to evacuate the dock and report to the Concierge desk, located at the South West corner of the clubhouse. A list of guests will be maintained at the front desk, there will be a copy at the Concierge desk. If the Concierge desk is closed for the day, a watch officer will be stationed there to check guests in.

Boats that leave Dock 0 will keep clear of the dock and be aware of any water born response.

Boats that leave Dock 0 in a fire emergency are requested to monitor Channel 68. Instructions concerning a return to Dock 0 will be given on that channel.

In the event of an evacuation, Seattle Yacht Club and the Dock 0 committee will rely on the registration form that the boat’s captain must file on arrival at Dock 0 to make sure that all guests are accounted for. Boat captains are responsible for their guests and shall keep the committee informed of any changes in their guest list.

In order to facilitate access for any emergency response, guests shall keep the dock clear of any chairs, tables, ice chests or any item that could block access. We must make sure that there are no impediments to swift response.

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Wireless Internet Services at Seattle Yacht Club

The Club’s wifi network will be opened to public users of Dock 0 and visitors to Mainstation during the Opening Day festivities. The wifi service name (SSID) is SYCguest.
A password key is not required.

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SYC Dock 0  - VHF 68

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