Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Membership at Seattle Yacht Club

Q. What do I need to do to become a member of SYC?

A. To become a Member, a Candidate must be sponsored by an SYC voting Member. Your sponsor will need to obtain the Application Packet from the Membership office Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.; additionally, Application Packets can be emailed and writable PDF’s may be obtained through the Member’s only portion of the SYC website.  You have 90 days in which to complete the Application Packet.   All applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. Processing time takes 30-60 days once the completed Application Packet has been received. 

Q. What if I'm new in Seattle and I don't know any SYC members?

A. If you are active in boating and get involved in the local boating activities most likely you will meet someone that is a SYC member and they can introduce you to others - "start asking around".  Social Media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn can help provide connections based on employers, professional associations and others within your network.  Follow our pages and join the conversations.

Q. How much does it cost to become a member?

A. See Fees and Dues

Q. Is the initiation fee refundable if I decide to resign my membership?

A. No - the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Seattle Yacht Club membership is a non-equity membership.

Q. Does SYC offer a payment plan?

A. Yes - After your membership has been approved by the Board of Trustees, you will receive a letter from the Club Secretary indicating the Board's decision.  Enclosed with the letter is a "Final Application".  This is to be returned with the initiation fee.  Upon the candidate's request, a payment plan is available in which 1/5 of the entry fee is paid down and the remaining 4/5 is financed for up to 5 years at 0% interest.

Q. Is there a social membership, family membership or business membership?

A. As of February 1, 2014 SYC established Joint Membership which allows for both parties in a marriage to be equal Members.  The membership classification for purposes of determining the initiation fees and dues of the Joint Membership couple shall be determined as follows. For couples joining the Club after the Effective Date, initiation fees and dues shall be based on the age of the oldest member of the couple.  A candidate may also elect to join as an Individual Member.

Q. What are membership requirements?

A. An active interest in boating. Boat ownership is strongly recommended for applicants over age 36. Membership will not be approved if applying for business reasons. (For more specific questions, please contact the SYC Membership Director)

Q. What does a SYC membership include?

A. Use of the Club's restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, banquet facilities, guest moorage at the club, permanent moorage subject to availability (refer to moorage office for more specifics on slip availability), reciprocal privileges to other major yacht clubs around the world, Elliott Bay clubhouse facilities and moorage (subject to availability), and use of our ten outstations:

  • Cortes Bay – Desolation Sound, B.C.
  • Eagle Harbor – Bainbridge Island
  • Elliott Bay – Seattle
  • Friday Harbor – San Juan Islands
  • Ganges Harbor – Saltspring Island, Gulf Islands, B.C.
  • Garden Bay – Pender Harbor, B.C.
  • Gig Harbor – South Puget Sound
  • Henry Island – Roche Harbor, San Juan Islands
  • Ovens Island – Dunsmuir Islands, Gulf Islands, B.C.
  • Port Madison – Bainbridge Island

Q. I live out of state, can I join as an out of state member?

A. Yes you can join but will pay dues in the Active Member classification for 5 years before you can apply to the Membership Committee for another membership category. Those categories with a reduced dues structure are:

  • Non-Resident – a member that lives & works outside of a sixty (60) mile radius of the Portage Bay Mainstation-"as the crow flies"
  • Out-of-State – a member that does not reside, have a place of business, or moorage in the state of WA. Members in the out of State Category cannot use the outstations.

Q. What is the initiation fee schedule for younger members?

A. Seattle Yacht Club strongly supports our younger members who have made an active commitment to boating in the Northwest. To this end, the Club offers reduced initiation fees for applicants under 24 years of age who have engaged in SYC junior sailing or Washington State Boater Education programs:

  • For applicants between 10 and 17 years of age, the special rate of $50 requires either the completion of an SYC Junior Sailing Class (including race team) or possession of a Washington State Boater Education Card. Otherwise, regular rates apply.
  • For applications between 18 and 23 years or age, the special rate of $100 requires the possession of a Washington State Boater Education Card. Otherwise, regular rates apply.

The Club’s regular rates for these age levels is as follows:

Age Initiation Fee
10-12 $160.00
13 $185.00
14 $210.00
15 $235.00
16 $260.00
17 $300.00
18 $330.00
19 $385.00
20 $440.00
21 $600.00
22 $720.00
23 $900.00

If your question hasn't been addressed above, please contact Josie Weiss, Seattle Yacht Club Membership Director.

Last updated; Thursday, February 04, 2016