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2015 Powerboat of the Year Zorro with Alex Lorenz
Kindly loaned by Bill & Roni Grady

Our club has a number of interesting and exciting events for members with powerboats. These include formal events with fun interactive themes, local and long-range cruises from Puget Sound to the Canadian Gulf Islands, and monthly dinners with exciting and informative speakers. In addition, the powerboat business committee conducts meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm in the Commodore Room. These meetings are open to the members and we encourage everyone to attend.

Detailed descriptions of boating activities can be seen in the dynamic Powerboat Calendar


Our dinner meetings in 2016 will include topics about boating in the Northwest and a presentation of colorful pictures showing mega yachts and adventures from around the world. The dinner meetings are also a fun way to meet with fellow club members and share boating experiences.

We use the web site to provide information and communication about recent and upcoming powerboat events. You can view upcoming events in the calendar as well as review recent committee meeting minutes. We encourage you to take time and browse the web to learn about recent and upcoming powerboat related news.

Your powerboat committee and event chairs plan exciting events for you throughout the year. The first fun event is the Chili Cook-Off on February 13-14  at the Port Madison outstation. This February event always promises to provide you with a fun weekend culminating in the many entries competing for the best chili!. In March plan on cruising again to the Port Madison outstation and participating in the annual Garlic Festival on March 19-20 where you can taste some outstanding garlic delights; and participate in the competition for the best entry. Both of these events are a great way to enjoy off-season boating with your fellow club members and make new friends at the same time.

We offer our golfing members two golf tournaments to combine boating with their fellow members and a wonderful game of Golf. The first is June 3rd on Bainbridge Island and the second is the International Golf Cruise in the Canadian Gulf Islands held on July 10-15.

Our premier powerboat event each year is the Powerboat Rendezvous held at our beautiful Port Madison outstation. This is a themed event and the outstation is decorated to the theme. This year’s Rendezvous will be held Friday June 3 – Sunday June 5. The weekend includes many activities, yard games, lunch and dinner on Saturday and an outstanding Sunday morning breakfast. Watch for the sign-ups to open and plan on spending a wonderful weekend with your fellow club members.  In late June we will explore the lower reaches of Salish Sea and join fellow members on our annual South Sound Picnic Cruise.

We also have an active group of Predicted Log Racers who are involved with challenging their skills at various races around Puget Sound. Predicted Log Racing is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of your boat and your skills of predicting the boat’s performance around a pre-planned course. If you just want to see what the Racers actually do, then we encourage you to volunteer to be an observer. It’s a great way to learn more about log racing.  Check the Powerboat Calendar for Skull Sessions in January where you will learn how to predict your own course.

You can learn more about upcoming powerboat related events by reading the weekly Compass News and the monthly Binnacle, as well as the information here on the powerboat pages of the SYC web. Please click on the following links to learn more about the activities of the powerboat business committee.

Remember to report your outstation visits for participation in the Outstation Grand Tour.

And for those of you more adventuress cruisers click here for information on the Haida Gwaii Challenge.

Have a fun and safe cruising year during 2016.

Todd Prodzinski - Fleet Captain Power


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