Seattle Yacht Club Sailing

Wind Outlook
 in Portage Bay

Welcome to Seattle Yacht Club sailing activities.  SYC offers our sailing community racing and cruising events through out the year.  

Our Sailing Director, Brian Ledbetter and staff will take care of your Adult Sailing Classes, Junior Racing, Summer Sailing School, and coaching for our Club. All of these programs are open to Non-Members. The Seattle Yacht Club has the largest running Summer Sailing School in the Pacific Northwest hosting over 650 kids last summer. 

In 2012, we added a fleet of closely matched J/22's for use by members for racing, match or team racing, lessons, or just getting out for some fun sailing.  See the J22 page for details.

Our club organizes many Cruising events for sailing throughout the year.  These are open to all SYC members.

Mini-cruises - weekend cruises every month during the winter
Sailboat informational dinners
Sailboat Roundezvous and Cruise and Snooze family fun races
Commodores Cruise - cruise and fun races up through the Canada Gulf Islands (every other year)
Norpac - cruise and fun races out to Barkley Sound (every other year)
Mini 12 racing - the most active fleet in the Pacific Northwest click here for more information
T-37 model racing - contact Alan Van Ness

The time to get involved is now.  Enter a race, sign up for a cruise, attend a dinner and join the community!  We look forward to getting to know you.

Rhonda Halffman
Fleet Captain Sail
Saturday, February 06, 2016